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​These are 4 interior design trends set to take 2021 by storm

Posted by Laura on 30th Oct 2020

​These are 4 interior design trends set to take 2021 by storm

2020 has been the year of home improvements. Spending days at a time cooped up in our homes

has forced many of us to re-evaluate our living spaces. From make-shift office spaces, to clearing out

rooms to make way for workout areas, to becoming tiresome of our outdated décor, we’ve all had to

adapt and make our homes truly liveable.

With both small businesses huge corporations alike, including Google, Amazon and Sony Music,

announcing their plans to keep their workforce at home until at least 2021, office furniture has seen

a rapid increase in demand. Beautiful office pieces, which integrate well with home décor, are

quickly becoming all the rage. Separating your ‘work’ area from your ‘living’ area is important for a

healthy work-life balance, so it’s worth considering introducing a dedicated workspace within your


According to Red Online, the phrase ‘sustainable furniture’ has seen a 430.57% increase in search

volume. We’ve seen calls for sustainability dominate the foods market, as well as the fast fashion

industry as of late, and we suspect the time has come for furniture. When creating our brand, it was

paramount that we produced sturdy, high-quality furniture, which would serve our customers for

years to come. Furniture which could even be passed through generations, with only the highest

quality materials, which is even sourced locally.

We are also seeing a rapid increase in minimal, sleek, Scandinavian furniture styles. ‘Nordic interior’

has seen a 333.33% increase in search volumes, which we largely attribute to homeowners wanting

to de-clutter their homes. Prized for their functionality and timelessness, Nordic interior options are

ideal for creating a clear, open and neutral area, with no garish colours or clunky furniture

demanding space.

We expect monochrome to remain a prevalent interior choice as the New Year dawns. An ever-

popular, classic, and versatile colour palette, monochrome has seen increased interest as the

minimalist look has gained popularity. For the fashion-forward, monochrome basics with pops of

colour is set to be a go-to style in 2021.